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Several Terms of Report in Email Marketing

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 Several Terms of Report in Email Marketing


Email Marketing is famous because of its ability to track and monitor the sent emails. Here comes the main feature “REPORT” of the campaign. These reports help the user to observe the campaign sent and give the ability to modify their email marketing strategies.


1. Recipients

Recipients are the people to whom we send our campaigns in the expectation of promotion and advertisement of our product.

2. Bounces

The bounced emails are campaigns that couldn’t be sent due to a temporary issue of server or the email address does not exist. This term tells you how many of your recipients did not get your email.

3. Unsubscribe

This term is used to tell how many of your customers unsubscribe you i.e. the number of customers that do not want to receive your mail in the future.

4. Total Emails

This is the total number of emails that have been sent to your customer. In addition, this term helps in calculating different rates such as the open rate.

5. Total opens

It is the total number of times an email is opened by the recipients. This also tells you how many times your campaign is viewed.

6. Total Unique Opens

Unique Open is the term used for the times when different recipients open your email/campaign at least one time.

It can be said that the total number of times when emails are opened for the first time is called Unique Opens.

7. Average Opens

Average open describes the average rate at which your customer is opening the campaigns. It is calculated by dividing total unique opens to the total number of emails sent minus bounces.

8. Open Rates

Open Rate gives you a percentage analysis of subscribers that opens your email campaign.

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