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A Short Overview of Bulk Email Services

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Bulk Email Services


Bulk Email services are the services through which a person can conveniently send thousands of e-mail messages to multiple recipients. And also within a shorter period of time. Therefore, by this one can send mails to a list of any size.

In addition, personalized emails can be send to multiple lists consisting e-mail addresses . There are several providers available in the market who offer these services at a specific cost or a plan. This is based on the requirements of the customers .

Customers can decide the number and frequency of the emails they want to send. According to their needs they can select a plan from any available providers.

By this service online entrepreneurs and other marketers avoid labeling as a spammer or a junk e-mail sender by any of there customer’s email client like Gmail, Yahoo etc.

As marketers do not purchase the bulk e-mail services from an authorized provider. It get’s flag with the Federal Trade Commission for disrespecting and breaking the CAN-SPAM Act. Emails can be considered as illegal or spam emails.

While selecting Bulk E-mail Services one should check the management of mailing lists ,the reputation of IP addresses and domains of the service, the rate of email delivery and also check the performance reports .

Some ways to send Bulk Emails without any spam :


  • SPF and DKIM signatures are must.

  • Recognizable sender name and address is necessary.

  • Inserting suspicious links or attachments should be avoided.

  • The email design should be appropriate.

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