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Single opt-in and Double opt-in


In the world of email marketing two types of sign up forms are available: Single opt-in and Double opt-in

Whenever a company makes a signup form, the first thing to decide is whether to choose opt-in or double opt-in for obtaining the subscribers. Whenever a person signup the form, in the background the company stores its information but to store the information it is necessary to take permission from the people to store it. So, this is why these signup methods are required to use.

Single opt-in


Single opt-in is the simplest way in the signup form. In this method, when person signup in the form he needs to mention his email address in it and tick a checkbox. In this method, as the customer fill the signup form, he immediately becomes a part of your subscriber list. No further verification is done.

Advantages of Single opt-in


  • Subscriber list growth is fast:

One of the major benefits of the single opt-in is that the user directly gets add into the subscriber list without going from any verification.

  • No need to worry about the non-confirmed user

Disadvantages of Single opt-in


  • Deliverability issues

  • More chances of being marked as spam

  • Number of unsubscribers

Double opt-in


Double opt-in is just like single opt-in but it just includes a few more steps. In this type of signup the user needs to follow the following steps:

  • The user will fill the signup form and check the checkbox

  • After that, a verification link is sent to his email id.

  • Then, the user has to click on the link and verify his mail id.

By, following the above steps, the customer will become part of the subscriber list and will be able to receive emails in the future from that company.

Advantages of Double opt-in


  • Increased Engagement rates

  • Very low chances of unsubscribing

  • Less likely for reporting spam

  • Increase sender reputation

  • Filtered email list

  • Good quality of subscribers data


Disadvantages of Single opt-in


  • Some people forget to click the verification link

  • Takes more time

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