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SMTP Relay Service I Difference Between SMTP & SMTP Relay I

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SMTP Relay Service


SMTP Relay Service is for sending emails from the SMTP server. It is also called a mail relay which is used as a Mail Transferring Agent(MTA) in the transactions.


Question is what is the difference between SMTP and SMTP Relay?


  • SMTP stands for the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is a protocol on which electronic mails are sent. Whereas SMTP relay is an intermediate service of this protocol through which the emails are transferred.
  • SMTP Relay is used for bulk emailing and sending transactional emails. So that they will not be labeled as spam and have more chances of landing in the inbox folder.


If we assume this whole system as sending a letter via post office then the scenario will be like:


The sender writes the email and sends it to the post office (a mediator) which is an SMTP relay, then this SMTP relay will use the domain name from the sender email address and check the DNS entry of the MX record and will destine the mail to the message accepting agent of the receiving server. Then that server will transfer it to the required target.

SMTP relay takes the responsibility of the exchange between the sending and receiving servers and if for some reason some mails cannot be sent or bounce then it generates a non-delivery report to the sender describing the reason for failing.

SMTP relay works by routing the email to a trusted third party so that the sending company does not face deliverability issues of sending bulk emails.

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