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What do you Mean by Spam and Spam Emails ?

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Spam Emails


Spam is an unsolicited message send in bulk by email systems. These are the unwanted messages refer as junk mail. Spam Emails are the messages on which the recipient has not granted permission to be sent. Moreover, it is about consent and not content.

If a solicited message is send in bulk then the message is spam. All the worldwide internet service providers have banned the sending of Unsolicited Bulk Email(UBE). There are various spam filters who identify the spam emails, finds out the source and then submits the IP for blacklisting But, by the time the spam filters work users have already allowed it into there system.

How do Users Recieve spam emails?

Receiving a spam email is one big problem face by most of the email users. The users might receive spam emails because of the following reasons:

  • They receive spam emails when their email id obtain by the automated software that scrutinizes the internet for email addresses also called spambots.

  • Email addresses can also be leak during the data leakage. It means that sometimes data from many organizations get leak which might contain important data like name, passwords, email addresses and numbers. This data is use by a spammer for performing illegal activities.

  • Some dishonest email marketers sell there mailing lists containing email ids of customers to spammers.

  • Also, one common reason is if the users are having a very common name with popular domain names, in that case, it is very likely for the spammers to generate their email addresses.


 How to Avoid spam emails?


  • if you suspect any email as spam or dangerous then avoid interacting with such emails and immediately report spam filters.

  • Try not to open spam emails as to when you do, spammers realize that the address is valid and they continue sending junk emails.

  • Do not share your email address with strangers or random websites as they can leak your email addresses to spammers.


Some Spam Laws:-

   Different countries introduced their own spamming laws . some of the popular laws are:-


  • CAN-SPAM Act – This is introduced by The United States, It is the law set for commercial Mail. There are certain rules set for email marketing which is followed by all the Email marketers while sending emails.


  • Anti Spam Regulation – introduced by Canada. CASL(Canada’s anti-spam legislation ) which deals with various electronic threats as well as with spam


  • Spam Act of 2003 – introduced by Australia. It is an act pass by the Australian Parliament in 2003 to manage commercial emails .it restricts spam e-mails as well as restricting the process of acquiring the lists of email addresses.

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