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These are the words that trigger the spam filter tools to mark them spam. Spam triggers email marketing. Spam keywords are the words that email filtering tools see as danger.

These spam triggers can be words or phrases which can be marked based on the content of the email.

In the business of email marketing, the main problem is that the emails land in the spam or junk folder rather than landing in the inbox folder. The main reason behind this is the spam triggering words that are marked with the email filters.

One of the reasons is the subject line, if you write an irrelevant subject line or your subject line contains the spam keywords then your mail is tagged as spam there only and is sent to the spam folder.


The spam filter looks for the following points while checking your content:


  • Free offers

  • Schemes

  • Guarantees

  • Spam trap


Some of the spam triggering words are as follows:


– Lines that claim something or make promises

  • 100% more

  • 100% free

  • Earn extra cash

  • Free gift

  • Get paid

-Words that have a sense of urgency

  • Act now

  • Apply now

  • Limited time

  • Order now

  • Urgent

-Words that are shallow or look like fake

  • Congratulations

  • Dear {something}

  • Lose weight

  • No fees

  • This isn’t spam

-Idioms or many other words

  • Billing

  • Bonus

  • Discount

  • Fantastic

  • Reserves the right

“Spam Triggers Email Marketing”


How to get rid of spam words?


Using the alternative words of the triggering word is the most useful way to avoid spam filters. Either you can use the synonyms of the word or you can change the content of your campaign.

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