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Statistics and its Types in Email Marketing

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Statistics in Email Marketing


Statistics give the owner a view of analysis done in a particular form. This helps in the understanding of the status of the campaigns as well as the user interest in your campaigns. With a better understanding of the user interest, you can modify your current email marketing strategies accordingly as email marketing is a platform that runs on the customer’s reaction.

1. Statistics Snapshot

It is a complete report of the emails in a snapshot. It gives you the report in numbers of the following :

  • Subject

  • Recipients

  • Time

  • Opens

  • Open Rate


2. Open Statistics

It gives you the stats of the opening of the campaign by the recipients. Following are the reports that are shown in open statistics:

  • Total emails

  • Opens

  • Unique Opens

  • Average Open

  • Open Rate


3. Link Statistics

This gives the statistics of the link provided by you in the campaign. It tells you how many users have clicked on your link as well as how many users have repeatedly opened your link.

4. Bounce Statistics

Bounce Statistics give you the record of how many recipients were not able to receive your mail. The bounced email is the campaigns that couldn’t be sent due to the temporary issue of server or the email address does not exist.

5. Unsubscribe Statistics

This term is used to tell how many of your customers unsubscribe you i.e. the number of customers that do not want to receive your mail in the future. This gives you a detailed report of every customer who has unsubscribed you after receiving this campaign.

6. Forwarding Statistics

These stats give you the number of recipients who forwards your campaign to others.

This gives you the list of the people who forwarded and to whom.

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