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What are User Complaints, Sender Reject & Unknown Users?

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What are User Complaints, Sender Reject, and Unknown Users?



When the user is unsatisfied or unhappy with particular content or does not want to receive emails from any specific sender then they complain or report it as spam. Also,

The complaint rate measures as the number of ‘report as spam’ complaints out of the total emails sent. When the subscriber reports for any email as spam, spam complaints are made. Receivers show their engagement or perform activities like moving the emails in spam or inbox, forward or reply to the email. Also, the positive engagement results in your emails delivered into the inbox and the other engagement results in increasing your spam complaint rates. Therefore, your complaint rate should be at 0.1% or below it to avoid a negative effect on your reputation.

To reduce or prevent from increasing the complaint rate:-

Warming up your IP and sending emails to only those subscribers who appreciate your content and will not unsubscribe or report you as spam can help in reducing the number of complaint rates.

Sender Reject

When emails sent to random people are reported as spam or disliked by the recipient, in that case, mails are rejected by people who do not want to receive such emails. This is called Sender Reject, it also affects the reputation of the sender . The IP or Domain reputation lowers down when there is a large number of sender rejects. As a matter of fact, it usually happens in the case of promotional or marketing based emails.

To reduce or prevent from increasing the number of sender reject:-

To prevent from increasing the number of senders reject you can check the Domain or IP reputation score and then check the sender rejected lists and then shortlist your recipient list by removing the contacts who do not want to receive your emails.

Unknown User

Unknown users are the unrecognized email addresses. Users that are not recognized or abandoned are declared as Unknown Users. Unknown User rate is measured by dividing the number of Unknown users with the attempted volume of the user to which mails are sent. Additionally, it is ideal for senders to keep its Unknown user rate below 2%.

To reduce or prevent from increasing the Unknown User rate:-

To reduce the Unknown User rate make sure you send emails to your best subscribers who revert back or interacts with your emails sent to them.

A common tool for Measuring Complaint rate, Sender Rejects, Unknown User rate

Sender Score generates a score to your IP addresses or Domain to indicate the trustworthiness of it as an email source. The score collects through a network and from the data aggregated from millions of mailboxes. The complete sender score is based on the following Measures:-

  • Blacklists

  • Complaints

  • Infrastructure

  • ISP Bulk rate

  • Message Filtered Rate

  • Sender Rejected

  • Spam Traps

  • Unknown Users

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