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Why Emails Are Going To Spam ?

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Why Emails Reach to the Spam Folder ?


Emails reach to the spam folder for various reasons. Some of the main reasons of email going in the spam folder are as follows:

  • Email content :

If the email we are sending contains the spam keywords then they have a chance to land in the spam folder. There are many spam keyword detecting filters applied on the mail content before sending mails, so if they will not pass your content then they will not go in the inbox folder. This can be solved either by removing that word or by using synonyms of that word, so that your content will be accurate for sending.

  • Sender mail reputation

The reputation of your IP and domain plays a very crucial role in sending the emails. If the reputation of your domain and IP is poor. Then there are high chances of the mails to land in the spam folder.

  • Email blocking

If your IP or domain are blacklisted somewhere then also the mails do not go in inbox folder.

  • Address was used for spamming:

One of the reason is that maybe your IP address was used before for spamming. So, the filters are not allowing your ip to send emails in inbox.

  • You have low engagement rates:

When you send emails to your recipients and most of the recipients do not open your mail or most of the recipients delete your mail without opening it. Then it means you have low engagement rates of your address. This is also a reason for mails going into the spam.

  • You do not have the permission :

When you are in email marketing and you buy the email list from outside, this makes your email go in spam folder. And other then that, by doing this you are violating the CAN SPAM ACT .

Previous CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 By President of United States
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