How Marketing Automation Can Super-Charge ABM

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1. Clear Account Views, Including Activity

ABM strategies already have a ton of moving parts. It can be not easy to keep track of all the activity — the who-is-who and where they are in the funnel. With the right ABM-supporting marketing automation platform, marketers can have access to the account profiles of the decision makers, as well as the influencers within the account. This will grant marketing teams to see account-level profile data such as industry, revenue, and headquarter location. With these account contacts, marketers can also view buying nature and engagement within a single view, saving marketing teams money and time. 

2. Ease of Audience Segmentation and Measurement

Marketing revolves around getting the right message to the great person at the right time. AMB presents a challenge here because various contacts or accounts may require different content. With the right platform, marketers can quickly segment their audiences based on customer profile or industry. For example, marketing teams can swiftly purpose healthcare accounts to capitalize on that division if relevant new trends emerge.

Marketing automation makes it possible to not only segment and send but also measure these multi-channel AMB strategies without creating extra work for marketing team members. In the world of marketing, if something cannot be measured, it’s likely not worth the effort. Marketing automation platforms allow marketing teams to measure engagement and other critical success factors through methods such as account scoring. This provides marketers with keen insight into account health. 

3. Ability to Create Personalization within an ABM Strategy for Marketing Automation

No matter how many people are involved in an account, marketers should attempt to market to each of them individually. After all, they have their own requirements and stressors and should be delivered content accordingly. Marketing automation platforms grabt marketers to send personalized emails to everyone in one account with ease. Beyond that, marketers can tailor the content to a specialized industry, ensuring relevance to the account and taking personalization beyond just the correct name at the top.

Account-based marketing is a clear, winning strategy in B2B marketing. But, when it comes time to definitely make the marketing strategy come to life, using marketing automation designed to support ABM can be the key. 

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How Marketing Automation Can Super-Charge ABM
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