Marketing Automation Trends in 2022

Marketing Automation:

As the world sees a growing digital population, businesses are seeing a need for marketing automation to accelerate business growth and revenue. Why? Because marketing automation helps you achieve more with less. They do not need to be present to send an abandoned cart email to their customers. Your email marketing automation can take care of this.

You don’t have to worry about scoring or worrying about every lead that comes your way. Whether or not your potential customer will get a personalized message at the right time at the right time.

Marketing automation is driving behavior change in organizations in a big way, and it shows. 38% of marketers said they plan to increase the use of marketing automation by 2022.

Hence marketing automation is a priority that comes with a good ROI. And as a result, businesses in the industry are investing in technology.

Here are 6 marketing automation trends driving this change in the marketing industry in 2022. On which you should pay attention.

6 Marketing Automation Trends for 2022:

1. Increase Marketing Efficiency at Scale:-

One of the most important leaks of time, money and effort is maintaining marketing efficiency at the scale of your system. Companies do not have the resources to update and maintain all of their marketing channels and strategies.

Marketing automation is helping many companies improve their marketing efficiency in 2022. After all, the COVID-19 pandemic has taught companies everywhere the importance of maximizing their production.

Marketing automation does three things incredibly well to help you increase marketing efficiency. 

1. Save Time:-

As you create new ads, it can take time to write copy and creative designs for each buyer persona. If you have multiple individuals in your business, executing each efficiently is even more challenging. For example, marketing automation tools help you create, implement and manage your marketing campaigns and save you time in the long run.

2. Drive More Growth:-

One of the characteristics of any marketing automation software is the ease of handling the scale. This could be an increased number of customers and interconnected multiple marketing systems (email, advertising, social media) or an increased number of interactions between you and your customers.

Investing in the right marketing automation software can yield a net positive ROI. And it is not in line with the core KPIs of your business.

3. Increase Productivity:- 

Last but not least, a good marketing tool ensures this. That your business should be focused on key KPIs. Whereas your best resources (both people and money) are aligned to make high impact work.

For example, a sophisticated social media automation tool can tag your content types. Or you can automatically reply to comments from a specific author of a post. All this happens on the basis of status once created.

Due to the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning, marketing automation helps companies to market themselves. For example, you can now use AI to create your sales emails, landing pages, search ads, Facebook ads and more. Increased marketing efficiency has long been on the radar of businesses experimenting with automation.

2. Thanks to Predictive Marketing Automation:-

Personalized campaigns based on your contact information (name, title and organization) are a great way to stand out from your competitors. In fact, message personalization is the number one strategy. People who use email marketers to improve performance.

But can you tell when the discounted customer will buy the product and when? This is where predictive marketing comes into play. Thanks for all the marketing automation.

Automation systems execute those strategies that are most likely to succeed. And I see the users result as a recommendation. Think a binge-worthy Netflix movie, a new pair of shoes that’s totally your style, or a better SD card for fast transfers when buying a DSLR.

This leads those engaged users to leads. Those who spend more time with your business. And in return earn more income.

This is applicable not only for B2C but also for B2B. 60% of marketers said that improving user experience and communication relevance are the most important benefits of marketing automation in B2B.

Marketing automation software allows you to create highly personalized campaigns. And those who take in advanced behavioral data will have a workflow with built-in conditions, triggers and trackers. All this software is built to do the hard work for you.

3. Syncing Single Customer Views with Automation:-

A world where your customer’s personal digital footprint can vary greatly. And creating a single customer view is more important than ever.

A single customer view is a unified collection of data that contains all the important information about a customer, including, but not limited to, interaction history, purchase history, demographic information, and activity overview.

Today, businesses strive to integrate the single customer approach with marketing automation to create a unique and inspiring experience.

For example, taking on this unified view of a customer, one can create marketing automation that delivers highly personalized email, SMS campaigns, and push notifications all based on a customer’s journey and their interactions on a website or email.

Businesses that follow a single customer approach can gain better insights. And can make strategic calls to accelerate growth. And from the customer side, it helps to create a positive customer experience. Retention and brand loyalty are the keys.

4. A Mobile-First Automation Approach:-

Today, mobile accounts for more than half of web traffic in the world. and has become a major growth driver for businesses around the world. Also, 63 percent of smartphone users are more likely to buy from those companies. Those whose mobile sites and apps provide them with relevant recommendations on those products. in which they may be interested.

This opens up opportunities to increase mobile engagement for marketers around the world by using multiple tactics like push notifications, in-app notifications, SMS notifications and web notifications.

There is also a big advantage to having a mobile first automation approach. Google already favors sites. Whose presence is mobile friendly. And those who do not punish them. This change has prompted marketers to focus on the main channel in their customer journey. Due to which automation has become an important part of it.

5. Better, More Human Ways to Communicate:-

There is a thin line between achieving the perfect customer experience and sounding like a robot. We’ve seen the rise of chatbots that are now a huge part of the customer experience, from giants like Amazon to mom-and-pop eCommerce stores.

Most of the time, these chatbots, which are mostly hosted on social media or websites. Pre-feeds come with a series of questions and answers. That’s the trigger keyword. And some chatbots are not. Instead of a chatbot, it’s a navigation menu.

However, these chatbots fit in a stable position. And asking for support for a specific problem they don’t quite fit. When the customer wants to invest a little, aim for a solution through social interaction. Many businesses install these chatbots. And consider them my automation suite. This will be taken a step further in 2022. Enter: conversational marketing enabled by marketing automation.

Marketing Automation

Conversational marketing converts one-way interactions between the customer and the customer into dialogue. Which helps them in buying and making decisions.

There are three reasons why it stands out:

  • It improves the customer experience.
  • It helps to bring personalization into the mix.
  • More importantly, it feels human.

6. Addressing the Privacy Paradox:-

By 2023, 65% of the world’s population will have their own personal information under modern privacy rules. And it’s only over 10%. But at the same time, customers want a personalized marketing experience. They want to be recognized and want a convenient, hassle-free experience.

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