Maximize Your Content’s Impact with an Audience-Driven Strategy

While content creation is essential for any business, knowing what content to create and why is paramount. Defining a content strategy is a top factor that contributes to B2B marketers’ increased content marketing success. Yet, only 37 percent of marketers work in organizations that have a documented content strategy.

Why You Need a Content Marketing Strategy

Strategizing is an important part of content marketing. The client’s goals and the marketer’s strategies and tactics need to be aligned. The following elements should be determined:

  • Objectives: What do we want to achieve?
  • Strategy: How can we achieve it?
  • Tactics: The things we’ll do to get there.

Keep in mind that strategizing should only take some time. It shouldn’t drag on for months or else you won’t get things done. You just have to know the answers to four questions – who, when, what and where.

Who Are We Talking To?

Identify who exactly you’re making the content for. You might already have buyer personas in place, however, they consist of factors that change often. Don’t hesitate to ask your audience what they want or need.

When in Their Journey Are We Doing It?

It’s also crucial to determine in which phase of the customer journey you would like to align your content with.

Not all of your audience takes the same Awareness -> Familiarity -> Consideration -> Purchase path. They might be moving from phase to phase as today’s customer journey is non-linear.

What Do We Want Them to Take Away?

What is the purpose of your content? Does it aim to provide awareness, benefit, values, or purpose?

Don’t simply tell people your message, show it to them. Also, you have to know what people actually care about and incorporate that into your message. Your target audience won’t care much about a quality product if what they want is affordability.

Where Do We Put This Content so People Will See It?

This question will be answered differently by marketers. If you ask SEO experts, they’ll say “rank it” and if you ask social media experts, they’ll say “tweet it”. For social media promotion, you should be able to determine which social platforms your target audiences use.

When looking for influencers, remember that they exist on every platform – even outside of social media.

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