6 Benefits of Mobile Business Intelligence

Mobile business intelligence is software that extends desktop business intelligence (BI) applications so they can be used on a mobile device. MBI applications optimize traditional BI reports so they can be viewed easily on a small screen and is ideal for displaying key performance indicators (KPIs) and alerts on small screens with simple charts, graphs, and sparklines

Some of the Benefits of Mobile Business Intelligence :

1. Simplified Analytics for Mobile

One benefit of mobile BI is that, by design, the shape and size of smartphones and tablets lend themselves to simplified, visual analytics. For mobile BI that means colorful and visual representations of data that won’t bog you down with too many details, unless you want them.

Simplified analytics on mobile brings helpful limitations: the on-the-go app means viewing data, not manipulating it, and seeing general trends rather than drilling down to the details. While having access to these features is important in the long term, limited functionality on mobile devices means seeing what you need to see quickly and easily and moving on. Hence Mobile BI has the benefits.

2. Location-independent access to current information

If quick decisions are required, mobile access to real-time data can mean the decisive competitive advantage. Especially significant analyses and reports, as well as intuitive dashboards and access to key metrics, provide a great added value. For strategic decisions companies seem to favor classic BI.

3. Gives everyone with access to data the ability

It gives everyone with access to data the ability to share a single. The up-to-date version of key information even when they’re not in the office. That makes it easier for remote or traveling employees on the same team to stay productive.

4. Access for All, or None It’s Up to You

By definition, collaboration means bringing more people into the mix. Mobile BI allows for permanent, intermediary, or temporary access to as many people in your company as you like, from high up to the front line, and from detailed data to reports only. Providing access to all (or just a certain few) means one less check on your to-do list.

5. Allows trained users who have data access to be self-sufficient 

With their mobile devices (such as tablets and smartphones), eliminating much of the need for IT help when they’re offsite.

6. Concrete benefits for the business

The one who has all key metrics ready at any time, can decide faster and use the rest of the time more productive. 52 percent of companies that already use mobile BI, do so because they expect concrete business benefits thereof. They expect mainly improvements in on-site customer communication and the productivity of field staff. Furthermore, the use of mobile BI is also financially profitable. According to a study, corporate users were able to increase their sales by a quarter. Customer retention by 21 percent and the operating profit by 17 percent.

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