Placing a Toll Free Number list for Your Advertising

A Toll Free Number list is a valuable and effective marketing tool. You opt a this for your business, but you’re not done yet. You have to make sure that you use and promote it in the right way. Studies show that people respond 30% more to an advertisement with a toll free number.

Here are some ways where you can promote your Toll Free Number list-

1. Promote Toll Free Number list with Email campaigns

Mention your vanity number in your SMS marketing campaign (Toll free number providers). Because It will work as call-to-action and your number will be shown a huge number of potential customers.

Consumers have a 57.6% Average Higher Recall Rate of Vanity 800 Numbers over URLs.

2. Promote Toll Free Number list  with SMS campaign

Also, Use your 1800 vanity number as a potential keyword in your SMS campaign (Toll free India).

Vanity phone numbers were 33% more likely to drive clicks in mobile ads than their generic counterparts.

3. On social media profiles

Although, Social media is an outstanding channel to find new customers and interact with your existing customers and target audience. also, Run the Facebook ads and use your vanity Toll Free Number list as a call-to-action.

Hence, Running a contest or promotion involving your vanity toll-free number is very effective when done through Facebook. However, It will help to build your brand and get you 1800 number in front of more potential customers.

4. Put your 1800 number on your attractive business cards.

5. Email Signature with your number.

6. Use print media and direct mail and try to repeat the Toll-Free number List at least 3 times.

7. Use TV and radio ads

Therefore, Display the number for at least 20 seconds and repeat it verbally as well.

8. Use the website

Although, Use you the toll-free number as a call to action for your business. So, Place your toll-free number on your website and relevant web pages. Therefore, It will get leads for you!

9. Most of the smartphone users prefer the click-to-call option to connect with a business.

10. Banners and flyers which carry a Toll Free Number list.

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