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Promotional Email Solutions

Reliable & Effective Email Marketing Solutions With Our Cloud-Based Email Delivery.


Your email marketing campaign is one of the most valuable tools for connecting with existing and new customers. Being a marketing expert, you deserve an email delivery service which is reliable and trustworthy. MailCot Provider offers you easy-to-use solutions with the best email deliver ability, scalability and Reliability.

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Extraordinary Email Delivery Platform

MailCot offers you the best-in-class cloud-based email delivery platform. We have gained expertise in delivering hundreds of millions of emails each month for large, mid-sized, and even small enterprise clients.

  • Large base of global clients
  • Millions of promotional emails delivered monthly
  • Low rate of spam due to reputation as White Hat sender

Delivering Your Marketing Emails

If you are looking for the best email deliverability, then look no further. Our MailCot platform manages emails more effectively than other cloud-based email delivery service provider. We make sure your promotional emails get delivered by following the best industry practices. Our services includes-

  • Email authentication
  • Reputation monitoring
  • ISP feedback loop analysis
  • Spam check application




Encrypted & Secure Email Delivery

We use strategic TLS encryption to send all emails, provided that the mail servers of your recipients are configured to sustain TLS. Hence, your emails are protected from modification or interception. In case your recipient’s ISP does not support TLS encryption, your emails are delivered via Mailcot’s strong infrastructure.

  • Authenticates sender and validates content and sender are planned.
  • Secures server-to-server connection and protects all aspects of email sent
  • No additional cost. Automatizes on sign up.

Simple & Helpful Service

With our powerful APIs or online user interface you can effectively develop appealing email marketing campaigns. The email setup process is restructured and simplified by an email marketing campaign creation wizard. It also offers excellent delivery and design options like-

  • Option to utilize your own HTML
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Planned email campaign delivery
  • Pre-designed templates




Effortless List Management

Now you can manage your recipient lists efficiently and make sure that all your subscribers receive the most relevant emails. The list management features of MailCot includes-

  • Email list creation through manual creation, list uploads, and via an external URL
  • Analyze and segment your subscriber lists with category creation
  • Smart subscription widget which allows visitors to subscribe for email from website or apps

Valuable Promotional Email ROI

Track the performance of your marketing campaign and get real-time and useful insight with our email marketing dashboard.

  • Monitor email sends, opens, bounces, deliveries, unsubscribes, clicks, category use, spam reports and more in real-time
  • Develop personalized reports on ISP, email category, device-type, time frame and geography
  • Apply A/B testing to send the best performing messages automatically



Complete plateform

A Complete Platform

MailCot allows you deliver promotional, transactional and mobile email messages directly from one platform. There is no need to deal with different vendors and waste money. Combine all your email delivery needs with us. We support-

  • Promotional campaigns
  • Email marketing campaigns and newsletters
  • Email alerts and notifications

Live Support

All of our plans provide world-class customer support. MailCot’s team of highly skilled experts is available 24/7 to respond to your calls and solve all your issues.

  • 24×7 Live Support
  • Phone, Email And Chat Support
  • Online Support Portal

Complete plateform

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