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We are the world class Promotional SMTP Service provider

MailCot provides reliable, powerful, and ideal for sending data-driven emails, including targeted e-commerce and personalized one-to-one messages. MailCot is the best SMTP Server Provider in India. we are the leader in the field of Promotional SMTP Service Provider, Free Promotional, in all over India, Australia, and the US.
Promotional SMTP Service Provider India

What We Think About Promotional SMTP Server

We are the best SMTP Server Provider in India For Small and Large Business Enterprises. We have our own SMTP infrastructure and we provide the dedicated as well as shared SMTP Server for sending email campaign. If you are hiring us then there is no need to be a fine technical person because of our dashboard as simple as that you can manage yourself. With the help SMTP relay server, you can create or manage your mailing list, your email campaigns or email newsletters and can also check various graphical reports of your account statistics. To ensure Superb Quality of Promotional SMTP Server. we have world class and reliable cloud-based Promotional SMTP Service provider infrastructure backed with Multiple IP addresses to ensure optimal delivery rates for our Promotional SMTP Server.

Pricing Simple & Flexible

Standard SMTP


Sending Speed 1500/hrs

Capacity: 1080000/month

Features: DKIM, SPF

2 Dedicated IP’s

Premium SMTP


Sending Speed 3000/hrs

Capacity: 2160000/month

Features: DKIM, SPF

2 Dedicated IP’s

Top Selling


Sending Speed 5000/hrs

Capacity: 3160000/month


3 Dedicated IP’s



Sending Speed 9000/hrs

Capacity: 2 X 2160000/month


5 Dedicated IP’s

Features Promotional SMTP Server

Responsive Emails

Send emails to your customers that are 100% responsive. Access your service at any device.

Inbox Delivery

Deliver different types of messages such as notifications, transaction alerts, travel receipts, and a lot more to the recipients.

Real Time Report

Mailcot dashboard provides you with real-time reports of email delivery rate, bounce, open, and click metrics, etc.

Multiple Domain

Supports multiple domains which mean you can send emails via different domains and addresses using a single account.

DKIM Signature

DKIM signatures enable to get a higher delivery rate and also sends emails at a lightning fast speed to customers.

Quality Assurance

Simplest and easiest services to do bulk emailing as no complicated configuration is needed, just select the plan and start sending emails instantly

MailCot, The Cost Effective SMTP Services Provider in India

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Advantages of Promotional SMTP Server

Before Buying SMTP server you should know is it worth it to your business or not. But if you are the marketing expert and want to do email marketing for your business then great you should know the advantages of promotional SMTP Server Provider.

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Quick Flow

Quick Delivery and Quick reply.

Low Costing

Affordable SMTP Server Pricing.


Implementation of SMTP Server is Easy


Delivery reports via our user-friendly dashboard.


In one click attach large files and other documents


lot of emails being sent at a very fast rate

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