Qualities Of Salesforce Consultant

However, there are a number of consultancies, which provide the consultant, but any in-house Salesforce consultant can evaluate and check the CRM performance as and when needed. Salesforce Consultants have become high in demand these days mainly because of their capacities to look into the development needs of businesses, in particular, those who are using the Salesforce software platform.

Consultancy work has likewise proven to be more cost-efficient especially for companies that do not require extensive IT resources on their operations; rather than hire an in-house Salesforce admin, they bring in a consultant who can check and evaluate their CRM performance just when needed.

Qualities to look at Salesforce consultant 

Technical expertise

When hiring a Salesforce Consultant, your organization does not only have to look for someone who has some skills. Salesforce Consultants, therefore, should be certified knowledgeable in the platform, and this requires having attained a certification from Salesforce itself.

Salesforce Consultants may also be experts in specific areas. They are often classified into three groups: Administrators, Developers, and Implementation Experts. You may want to check into the Consultant’s background first to see if he or she is the one your organization needs, so that specific needs can be immediately addressed.

Certified Consultant

Lots of people can portray themselves as Salesforce consultant, but it does not mean that they will be more aware of the Salesforce intricacies. While hiring or outsourcing any Salesforce consultant there is no harm to ensure that the person has valid Salesforce consultant certification. However, through Salesforce website you can check it online as well. Addition of new features in Salesforce may require a Salesforce consultant to get trained so that they can provide a quick and efficient solution to the organizational problems.

Ability to Understand the Organizational Needs

Salesforce CRM is being used by a number of organizations, including Non-profit, Financial, Educational, healthcare and much more. The Salesforce consultant, who, you will hire may be an expert in any specific area or any specific application. Your company may and may not need the similar solution like their previous organization. Ensure that the consultant is listening to your needs and understand the current requirement of your organization.

Many times certification may not be the guarantee of the skill-set and experience of the consultant. As a solution to such problem while hiring the consultant you can ask them, whether they have worked with any similar project in the past.

Credibility and stability

How long has been the Consultant in the industry? Above anything else, you should do a background check on the Salesforce Consultant. Before bringing him or her on board to your company. This is because you need not just someone who knows how the Salesforce platform works. But someone who has garnered knowledge expertise both via theory and practice. You may want to work with consultancy groups that have been in the industry for quite some time already. Since they have already worked with clients of varying scales and needs.

Communication Skill

For the profile of Salesforce consultant, one of the required and important skill is his communication ability. All the consultants are not able to communicate effectively with their colleagues or seniors. Moreover, as they have to convey their ideas to their team members or other departments. So they must possess both technical and business management skills. They must be able to understand the organizational needs and goals. And come up with the solution of the organizational problems.

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