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re-engagement email

Re-engagement Email List to Target Clients Who Registered with You

email marketing
Don’t wait too long to reactivate your clients. You have to remind your clients about your brand and your products before they totally forget about you or unsubscribe from your email list.

How Email Re-Engagement help?

specific strategy and create specific content that will turn your subscribers into active customers again.

Why Re-Engagement Email List is Important?

Send product related email to stay in touch with your clients and re-activate the more sleepy ones. This one make sure to be Email is here for the long haul. With product tips, you will get that your client is going to pay for itself in less than 2 years. Just go and grab the Re-Engagement Email Marketing Campaign. In your re-engagement email list remind about a prior experience your clients had with your brand. Let your clients recall their relationship with your company and remind them why they liked your brand in first place.

Features of Re-engagement Email


Send a set of re-engagement emails to inactive users over time. You can also set post send list actions to automatically remove subscribers from a list or move them to different groups after they finish your automated email series.

Polls and Surveys

Organize a poll or survey and ask subscribers to complete that. After completion send them a free gift or promo code. Poll results can tell you what your inactive subscribers are interested in, target them with additional campaigns and calls-to-action.

Coupons or Promo Codes

Send a special promo code or coupon to the inactive subscribers, along with a message letting them know that it’s been a while since they visited your site. Highlight a few things that have been updated since they last visited to draw them back.

Product Recommendations

Connect your store to collect data on your subscribers’ purchase behavior. Mailcot will use the data to identify unique product recommendations for each of your subscribers.

Give them a choice

Finally, give them the chance to leave. People change and a subscriber might’ve lost all interest in your emails. If that’s the case, presenting them with a simple choice lets them think more about whether they want to keep receiving your emails or not.

Product Improvement

The recipient might think that your product is just not good enough. You can prove that they are wrong. Reassure them that your product has a great value and that you keep working on making it even better.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Services allows your business to email the consumer whenever you want. While not every email needs to be a sales pitch, your contact with the customer should provide something of value to them.

Transactional SMTP

If you are looking for a Transactional SMTP service, then you probably have an application that sends out either marketing or transactional messages and is searching for a host to relay these messages in bulk.

Marketing Automation

Create fully automated campaigns with the world’s most intuitive workflow builder. Apply tags, trigger campaigns, add delays, branch with if-then logic, and do about 30 other things.

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