Ecommerce Email Marketing

Ecommerce Email Marketing

Ecommerce email marketing is one of the most powerful email marketing strategies. Ecommerce email marketing is used to send an email to existing or potential customers to promote online store products. Ecommerce email marketing helps to increase user engagement, build a trustworthy relationship with customers, share useful information, announce the hottest deals, enhance brand awareness, and increase sales. This eCommerce email marketing is the right way to generate leads, increase more sales and boost website traffic.

Ecommerce email marketing is the art and science of using email to generate sales for your store. It can be as simple as sending an email to people who have abandoned their shopping cart. Or complex, such as the many campaigns that work as interactive sales increase rapidly.

One of the most valuable aspects of running an independent webstore is your ability to build an email list. This is proprietary data that is not owned by anyone else on the web except you. This is your leg on the competition.
It is your vehicle for building relationships that value and connect with your customers. It is an important mechanism in how you increase customer lifetime value and successfully forecast your business trajectory.

Why are ecommerce email marketing important?

A successful e-commerce business needs a successful email marketing channel which is responsive, attractive and caters to the need of the customers. A kind of email marketing system which keeps the customers updated, thereby ensuring higher click-through and conversion rates. We provide you with custom email marketing templates, which you can change according to your needs and send to your customers. We also provide you with form builders which help you create custom sign-up forms for your website.

With the built-in reporting and analytical system, you can easily scrutinize your campaigns and thus help your company build a better strategy. Mailcot provides you these services at affordable and cheap prices and helps you with your booming business.

The services we provide you under the e-commerce marketing page are, email automation, email series, targeted marketing, Re-engagement.

Why Corporates choose us

Mailcot With the rising prices of paid advertising, email marketing is slowly emerging as the cheap substitute for advertising. Mailcot E-commerce marketing in India has taken e-commerce to a new level where not only is it easy for small or medium-sized businesses to increase their market size and Mailcot helps you with the same.

Mailcot provides you with the best email marketing services in India, at cheap prices without compromising the quality of services.

Reliable Services

Track engagement metrics like opens and clicks, use hourly data to determine the best time to send your emails, and dig into performance by device, location, and mailbox provider.

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Fast Delivery

Send from your domain with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC customization, and protect your reputation from bad actors with dedicated IPs and isolated sending domains.

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Large Infrastructure

Designed to grow with you, the platform scales to meet your needs, allowing you to do more whilst maintaining our simple and user-friendly interface

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IP Monitoring System

Our Deliverability Services team has a suite of tools at their disposal to monitor the health of your reputation and sending infrastructure.

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Features we have

Responsive Templates

Use Responsive templates which are display right from desktop to a mobile device.

Auto-responders and schedulers

Schedule an email and send automatic

Form Builders

Use Mailcot’s Form builder to design signup form and signup response emails. Use form across all the online channels and increase the email contact list.

Email editors

Edit your own email design using simple drag and drop method.

Reporting and analytics

Mailcot dashboard provides you with email marketing success reports of email delivery rate, bounce rate, open rate, and Click-on-action button rate, how many potential customer convert into a purchase customer and many more

Pricing fit for you

While we are focusing on solving the mail communication of the businesses, their owners can have more time and focus on their core responsibilities.

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Why is the GST not included in the price?

GST’s aren’t included because GST’s vary from country to country. For example, it may sometimes vary from 5% to 25%, so to be more accurate about the price, the GST is excluded. For example – Germany has a 19% GST, while France has a 20% GST.

How do I remove the branding on my emails and forms?

We add our branding to the bottoms of subscription forms, popups and newsletters if the creator uses the free plan. Branding is removed once you move to one of our paid plans or switch to the credits system.

Does mailcot provide a dedicated IP addresses?

Normally the IP reputation is shared between most users. Dedicated IP addresses provide you with absolute control of your email reputation. It’s automatically set up for all accounts when they exceeds 50,000 subscribers for no additional cost.

I accidentally made a purchase. Can I get a refund?

Sure, we all make mistakes sometimes, right? Mail and we’ll review the case if it really happen which will result in a refund most of the time.

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