Reseller Email Marketing India

Bulk Email Marketing India is good for your business. And with a tool as powerful and easy to use as Constant Contact, you don’t need to be a marketing expert to see results. So buy Now your Reseller Email marketing plans.

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Features of Bulk Email Marketing

Reseller Email Marketing Services is playing a very important role. For many enterprises in all World, MailCot serves as the lead generator tool and gives an opportunity to create a business reputation.

What we can help you achieve

Unlike many other marketing opportunities, when properly implemented, MailCot Reseller Email Marketing Services can provide speed your business with various ways to target specific customers. To do this, make sure that your Email Service Providers allow for lead scoring.

Email Automation

Manage Subscribers

Geo Reporting

Campaign Scheduling

Custom Data Fields

Web Forms

Pricing Plans for Reseller Email Marketing Plans

Reseller Pricing


Get Your Email Marketing Reseller Business Setup in 24 Hours

 RS 8500/Mo


Super Reseller Pricing


Get a free domain name and 24/7 customer support & design consultation & premium support

RS 14500/Mo



Templates are just like as the teaser. In Bulk Email Marketing you can send short and attractive template to make the viewer to visit your store.


Bulk email marketing is not a manual task, it becomes completely automated when you demand. Schedule your campaign and whoop forget the worries.


It is very important to find check whether your email campaigns are delivered to the user or not.


If you want to send personal and informative email contents to the group of people then you can send the segmented bulk email marketing.


Even the all-powerful Pointing has no control about the blind texts it is an almost life One day however a small line of blind text.


You can attach image links, video links, article links. And also you can send complete image or content.

Choose the Best Bulk Email Marketing for Customer to Keep them a Happy Customer

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