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Email SMTP and API

Mailcot is an email SMPT service provider. We send millions of emails a day and are always ready to send emails. Mailcot has been working on email SMTP for many years. And we provide the best possible services 24/7 and are bound to provide the best secure platform for you. Clients can track their email whenever they want via our email SMTP service and also through our advanced analytics system. Mailcot email SMTP service is absolutely simple and hassle-free, mailcot always keeps the attention of changes in new technology that do not harm the client as well as himself.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is the fastest way to send mail from one server to another. If you’re ready to send emails to multiple recipients, setting up Mailcot email SMTP API in India is extremely simple. You can quickly grab the API key from within the control panel and get started. The SMTP API INDIA can integrate with both internal and third-party systems.

Mailcot SMTP API INDIA takes your privacy and security seriously. We are continuously strengthening our measures to keep your account secure and protect your business reputation. Mailcot provides other services than email SMTP, some of which are also  Transactional SMTP ServerEmail MarketingEmail AutomationEmail Consultancy.

Why is Email SMTP and API Important?

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is the fastest way to send mail from one server to another. Mailcot provides an SMTP service that allows you to deliver your email through our servers instead of your own clients or servers. This means you can largely rely on Mailcot Delivery for your SMTP needs. Mailcot Send automated transactional emails to the SMTP API to initiate certain customer behavior such as making a purchase or requesting a password reset. We built our API infrastructure with flexibility and ease of integration in mind. Get up and running in minutes with our email relay settings or APIs

Why Corporates choose us

Buy your own Email SMTP server and send marketing/transaction emails without any limitation. Mailcot gives you an affordable Email  SMTP server and gets rid of expensive email services. With mailcot now you can have full control over the entire system of your own.

Mailcot transactional platform configured to send email through your own SMTP servers like PostfixEximSendmail or Qmail. It can also integrate with other email service providers

Reliable Services

Track engagement metrics like opens and clicks, use hourly data to determine the best time to send your emails, and dig into performance by device, location, and mailbox provider.

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Fast Delivery

Send from your domain with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC customization, and protect your reputation from bad actors with dedicated IPs and isolated sending domains.

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Large Infrastructure

Designed to grow with you, the platform scales to meet your needs, allowing you to do more whilst maintaining our simple and user-friendly interface

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IP Monitoring System

Our Deliverability Services team has a suite of tools at their disposal to monitor the health of your reputation and sending infrastructure.

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Features we have

Multiple Domains

Mailcot Provides multiple domains to use for sending.

Suppression list

Built-in suppression list to avoid sending mail to recipients that don’t exist or can’t accept e-mail.

Hold messages

Enable development to hold messages in SMTP without actually delivering them to recipients

Built-in DNS checking

Built-in DNS checking & monitoring to ensure domains you send mail from are configured correctly for maximum deliverability.

DKIM signing

Support for DKIM signing of outbound messages.

Multiple pools

Management of multiple pools of sending IP addresses

Pricing fit for you

While we are focusing on solving the mail communication of the businesses, their owners can have more time and focus on their core responsibilities.

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Why is the GST not included in the price?

GST’s aren’t included because GST’s vary from country to country. For example, it may sometimes vary from 5% to 25%, so to be more accurate about the price, the GST is excluded. For example – Germany has a 19% GST, while France has a 20% GST.

How do I remove the branding on my emails and forms?

We add our branding to the bottoms of subscription forms, popups and newsletters if the creator uses the free plan. Branding is removed once you move to one of our paid plans or switch to the credits system.

Does mailcot provide a dedicated IP addresses?

Normally the IP reputation is shared between most users. Dedicated IP addresses provide you with absolute control of your email reputation. It’s automatically set up for all accounts when they exceeds 50,000 subscribers for no additional cost.

I accidentally made a purchase. Can I get a refund?

Sure, we all make mistakes sometimes, right? Mail and we’ll review the case if it really happen which will result in a refund most of the time.

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