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Give 100% Customer satisfaction with worthless Transactional Email Marketing Services India

Transactional Email Confirmation is the very first interaction between brand and recipient. We all know what it is. It is the email that we use to confirm our willingness to subscribe to a newsletter.

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Transactional Emails Quick and Easy API

A Great email system; easy to use, clean look plenty of functionality and can handle a number of subscribers and email campaigns. Flexible, active and Cost Effective.

Features of Transactional Email Marketing Services

Email Verification

Reduce Bounce Back and protect your sending reputation.

Powerful Language Support

Choose the preferred language for sending your campaign.

Multiple Themes Available

Multiple Themes Available

Mass Newsletters Sending

Send Millions of email every day and auto-schedule your email

Avail Guidelines

From installation to step by step guide on how to create your first campaign and how to send.

Embed Subscription Form

Design and customize the subscription sign-up form and embed

Mailcot Transactional Email Marketing Services

Buy Mailcot Transactional Email Marketing Services and send marketing/transaction emails without any limitation. Mailcot gives you affordable transactional email marketing services and gets rid of expensive email services. With mailcot now you can have full control over the entire system of your own. Mailcot transactional platform configured to send email through your own SMTP servers like PostfixEximSendmail or Qmail. It can also integrate with other email service providers.

More Features of Mailcot Transactional Email

Manage Email Suppression and Unsubscribe Groups

Improve engagement with your recipients via MailCot’s unsubscribe groups by providing the ability for recipients to select the type of email they want to receive. Create email groups that represent all types of email you regularly send to your recipients, for example receipts, social notifications, and account alerts.

Easy-to-Use Interface

The intuitive user interface provides easy access to any part of the MailCot platform. All MailCot platform features are available to technical and non-technical users alike through the Customer Portal.

 Transactional Email

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Gain powerful insight into the performance of your transactional email via the MailCot Customer Portal and Event Webhook. Real-time visibility into email activity like opens, bounces, and clicks. Advanced statistics including activity by device, browser, ISP, geolocation, sub-user, mail category, email client, and more.

Customized White labeling

Easily create and manage account users, sub-users, and associated IP addresses.
Streamlined and intuitive user creation process. Flexible sub-user management provides the ability to seamlessly navigate between parent and any sub-user accounts. Simple account and sub-user account IP management including IP allocation, white labeling, and mail throttling capabilities.

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