Seven Crucial KPIs Inbound Call Centers Need To Be Vigilant About

Undoubtedly, inbound call centers around the world are offering an ideal mix of new and inbound call centers, with practical solutions needed for businesses across all verticals.

The solutions provided by competent inbound contact centers help endless businesses get what they want.

Therefore, inbound call center firms have now become an inseparable part of the business world.


However, for any solution provider to march steadily on the path to organizational success; Selecting the set of important KPIs is quite important.

Therefore, it is very unfortunate that most solution providers are not paying attention to this important aspect; And a little carelessness in the subject can hamper the growth rate of any business organization.

What is KPI?

Key performance indicators (KPIs) can be defined as a quantitative aspect related to any specific business process that can be used to evaluate the performance of any brand or enterprise.

Inbound call centers not only need to perform KPIs that help you analyze the success rate of any business initiative. It also gives you a clear understanding of business areas that need immediate attention.

Therefore, it is always important to choose the appropriate set of KPIs. Once you are ready with a set of important KPIs, nothing in this world can stop you from achieving organizational success.

By paying proper attention to critical KPIs and timely practical action, inbound call centers around the world can competently enhance their overall performance.

This blog sheds some light on seven important KPIs that inbound contact centers need to be vigilant about.

Crucial KPIs Inbound Call Centers Need:-

1. Call Abandonment Rate

Once a call is cut before being called or answered, it can have a huge impact on the reputation of any business firm.

Obviously customers get upset when their calls are not answered, and this can force them to switch to competitors of one brand.

Therefore, inbound call centers need contact center solution providers who track this KPI very cautiously.

2. Service Level or Response Time

It is defined as the percentage of calls or attended within a set or defined number of seconds.

To ensure smooth operation and entice customer service experience, managers of specialist international call center firms need to monitor this KPI.

Crucially, it will help them to maintain long lasting and valuable relationships with customers.

3. Average Call Handling Time

Average time spent by officers when answering or handling a call – when the call begins until it ends.

Average time spent by officers when answering or handling a call – when the call begins until it ends.

Furthermore, by ensuring minimum average call handling time, call centers can easily increase their organizational efficiency.

4. First Call Resolution (FCR) Rate

Studies conducted by leading research agencies highlight the fact that FCR is the most important metric for any forward-inbound call center.

This can have a direct impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty, and therefore, solution providers need to monitor this KPI regularly.

Importantly, it reduces operating costs as well as improves agent satisfaction.

5. Agent Occupancy Rate

It is defined as the amount of time spent answering or handling a call. It performs various related activities; Such as updating CRM, sending email etc.

All international call center firms around the world need to adapt to this, but they should always set manageable expectations from agents given their stress levels as well as workload.

6. Quality

This performance metric is typically the measure by monitoring the overall interaction between agents and customers.

Here, managers need to be watchful about:-

  • Has the agent captured all the necessary details and data.
  • Does the agent provide accurate and relevant information.
  • How polite / professional the agent was during the conversation.
  • Does the agent greet the customer when the communication begins.

7. Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score

Can anyone question the fact that enterprise experts approach inbound call centers with the intention of strengthening their bond with customers and prospects?

Therefore, it becomes important to gauge CSAT scores and inbound call centers, in this direction success-driven tasks need to be completed regularly.

Hence various call centers have started conducting customer satisfaction surveys through toll-free text messages; Online elections, IVR-based conversations, and so on.


Inbound call centers need contact centers that monitor critical KPIs to ensure widespread success in a fiercely competitive outsourcing industry.

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