10 Best Signs should be in a Virtual Receptionist:-

  1. You’re in a meeting – who solutions the telephone.
  2. You still ought to work full-time at the same time establishing your new industry.
  3. You don’t want messages going to the home answer mobile.
  4. You don’t need to overlook that call.
  5. You’re employed from house and handiest have one telephone line – You’re on the phone and don’t want an extra caller to get an engaged tone.
  6. You want section time duvet.
  7. The workplace help is your canine, cute and loving – but a rubbish receptionist.
  8. You need accurate message taking.
  9. The normal annual salary for a receptionist is £17,000 – out-of-attain for many SMEs.
  10. You need to keep a respectable picture.

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