Telemarketing for Digital Agencies – 5 Unique Challenges

The digital age has introduced a new approach to B2B marketing. Telemarketing for digital agencies provides a range of tools and technical solutions for marketing automation and for lead nurturing. However, this approach means that they often lack a personal touch.

Telemarketing for Digital Agencies – 5 Unique Challenges

The digital age has introduced a new approach to B2B marketing. Telemarketing for digital agencies provides a range of tools and technical solutions for marketing automation and for lead nurturing. However, this approach means that they often lack a personal touch.

Instead of contact forms and chat widgets, customers often crave human interaction and an actual conversation to answer their questions about the transformative services provided by digital agencies.

In fact, research has shown that many people pick up the phone to discuss their business needs, so it seems that some digital agencies don’t even do phone installation these days!
Telemarketing for digital agencies

Telemarketing campaigns can be a major solution to this problem and many agencies have given the benefit of outsourcing these campaigns to a dedicated team.

Whereas, for digital agencies, the direct approach of business to business telemarketing can prove to be extremely beneficial.

Telecommunication for digital agencies may include unique challenges:

1. Not having the necessary infrastructure

Although a digital agency may view telemarketing as a leading generation and to acquire new clients, the nature of their business can be very difficult.

The beauty of working digitally is that it requires very little physical space and equipment to operate. However, when it comes to telemarketing for digital agencies, you need to have office space and the right equipment available.

The agency will need to appoint or train employees and this can be time-consuming and expensive. Some may have the notion of using existing staff for one-off campaigns.

Therefore, these employees; Having expertise in digital technology, skills may not be needed to make a campaign successful.

2.Meeting unique requirements

Although most B2B sales may involve a degree of complexity, this can increase with digital agencies that offer a range of highly bespoke services.

Every potential customer will have specific requirements, whether it is about building or designing a new website, marketing for their customers or niche keywords for PPC campaigns or SEO.

From a trailing perspective, the callers must be well versed in the breadth and scope of these services to provide relevant information.

If the callers only have a vague sense of what they are promoting, it can be difficult to show value and make misunderstandings or false promises about the service. Which leads us to the next challenge…

3.Trying not to sound robotic

B2B telemarketing is difficult at the best of times, but as discussed above, potential clients of digital agencies each have unique needs and requirements and no catch-all service or solution.

Therefore, using scripts when calling can make your services normal. Businesses are told by email from spam bots how they can improve their website or deliver winning SEO strategies.

Since first impressions are even more important than usual, a personalized approach will prevent your services from seeming generic and highlight how you can add value to their business.

One possible solution is to use a hybrid approach, where callers can personalize and customize each call and refer to a script for set interactions only.

4.Facing scepticism and showing worth

Businesses can get conceptual when they receive calls about digital services. For example, they may wonder why a digital marketing agency is using the telephone instead of marketing itself online, especially if inbound marketing solutions are promoted.

This may cause them to misunderstand that your services are not effective. This is a challenge that can best be done with expert callers who agree and agree and feel that they are calling because it is more personal and intimate.

A great courier can show a prospect that they care about them and your company has proven expertise that achieves mediocre results and can make their business more successful and any sense of skepticism Can eliminate.

5.Over saturation of the market

Most industries are competitive, but with the explosion in popularity of digital services in recent years, your business may have hundreds of competitors. This is where a lead generation expert can really make a difference and set it apart from the rest.

Businesses you call can already be contacted by multiple telephones and the choice and variety of options can make it difficult for digital agencies to show or show their USP in telephoning.

They can use research and telemarketing to identify new prospects who may not know they need your service; Warm-up them, pre-sell and pre-qualify them so that your sales team stays with promising leads who are willing and already engaged.


In the digital age in which we live, telecasting can often be dismissed as an old practice. However, recent research has shown that it is still as relevant as ever, and it has actually revealed that it is the second most effective channel for lead generation.

Therefore, it would be foolish to not consider telemarketing for your digital agency. Although promotional campaigns for digital agencies can reveal some unique challenges, they can be overcome with the right approach.

Outsourcing your telemarketing to digital agencies for a partnering partner with experience in your industry can offer an effective way to help you tackle many of these challenges and benefit from the rewards that come with them.

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