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To upgrade or not to upgrade your SAP Solution Manager 7.0?

Since December 2013, SAP Solution Manager 7.0 is out of maintenance. When you are currently using the 7.0 version, you should make some decisions to ensure the continuity of your business and operational support. You can choose to upgrade, but another option is to perform a fresh installation.

Your decision should depend on which functionalities you are actively using in your daily operation of ALM processes. If you, for example, are currently using Change Control Management or Technical Operations, such as End User Monitoring, it will be more effective to upgrade your SAP Solution Manager 7.0 to 7.1. In other scenarios, a new installation is more appropriate.

If you are questioning whether to upgrade or not, I can recommend you to read the article “Solution Manager 7.1 – Fresh installation or upgrade? – Some experiences from the field…” This article gives some real-life customers’ examples. These actual cases can guide you – as a customer in a similar situation – to  make a decision in this perspective.

The latest available Support Pack level of SAP Solution Manager 7.1 is SP11. SP12 is planned for mid-2014.

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