Use Social Proof To Double Your Sales

Every business owner wants his or her company to be at the top of the heap. And they all want to find the resources that make that happen. Not only that, but they know it will cost some money to get just the right solution. The answer is Use Social Proof To Double Your Sales

When a change appears necessary, we look around to see what others are doing. We want to improve our businesses, our careers, and our lives. But, we also want to make sure that the choices we’re considering are valid and effective.

Social Proof


Most of our sales and marketing material revolves around what we know or believe about our product. It can be somewhat impersonal, speaking from our own viewpoint. Social Proof is the concept that people will conform to the actions of others under the assumption that those actions are reflective of the correct behavior.

The force that influences you every day when it comes to decision making, from the biggest decisions like where you want to live, down to the smaller everyday choices like where to go for lunch, is called Social Proof.

Types of Social Proof

  • Expert
  • Celebrity
  • User
  • Wisdom of Crowds
  • Wisdom of Friends

Social Proof To Double Your Sales



Referrals should be a Requirement to do business with you. When I help you achieve your fitness goals, help you to grow business and Double Your Sales by referring to their friends and family.

  • T-shirts and other swag with your logo on it
  • The tag on social media
  • Surprise birthday gift at work (works better with females)
  • Referral contest
  • Bring a friend for free / Group Training Discount


  • Make it as easy as possible
  • Provide statistics to the client
  • Write a template for them
  • “Report Card” Technique
  • Provide a milestone report card with stats in an email
  • Ask for Yelp review at the bottom of the email
  • Follow Up

Social Media

Social Proof To Double Your Sales

Social media is defined as a group of Internet-based applications that build on Web 2.0 technology that allows for the creation and exchange of User Generated Content Similarly, Social Proof To Double Your Sales by defines social media as use of the Internet or Web-based technologies to share and discuss information with users across the globe.

It can be classified into seven types, such as social networks sites (SNSs), forums, blogs, podcasts, wikis, content communities, and microblogging. SNSs are websites that allow people to connect virtually with their real-world friends and families to form their social community

Facebook and Instagram are examples of SNSs. Blogs are online journals (normally personal) that contain text, images, audio and video that are shared on the Internet and owned by bloggers. Blogs allow bloggers and readers to communicate online and form a community. Another type of social media is Wikis, a website that allows users to add, modify and delete contents. Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia, is the most popular Wiki website.


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