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5 Ways To Improve Keyword Ranking

I have said before that by analyzing the user’s search needs, I find the core user group of the industry, and based on these core user groups, I decide to generate the content of the website part of the website. Now that the content of the website is fix, the next thing I need to do is to get this part of the SEO traffic, the most effective. The method is actually to improve keyword ranking of these batches of pages. Today, I mainly talk about several ways to improve keyword ranking.

5 Ways To Improve Keyword Ranking

1. Modify the keywords of breadcrumb navigation to improve keyword ranking

5 Ways To Improve Keyword Ranking, Improve Keyword Ranking

As we all know, the main function of breadcrumb navigation is to let users know the current location. Reflect the architectural level of the website, facilitate user operation and provide access to the crawler. So that crawlers can crawl the website. Of course, breadcrumb navigation also greatly increases the website. Internal links improve the relevance of the website pages, allowing search engines to better understand the page relationships. Thereby increasing the ranking and traffic of the target pages. As shown in the figure, the keywords of breadcrumb navigation are changed to keywords that need to improve the ranking.

2. Provide internal chain support for the pages that have already been ranked

5 Ways To Improve Keyword Ranking, Improve Keyword Ranking

If a page itself has a top ranking on the search engine, such as the second or third page. It can be seen from the ranking that the quality of the changed page is relatively good. In this case, what needs to be done is to give this The page adds some internal resources of the website. And its ranking is easy to upgrade. The easiest way is to add internal chain support to the page. As shown in the figure, add the extended reading block at the end of some articles and then add some parts to the modified block. Need to improve the ranking of the page link.

3. Provide external resource support to the existing ranked pages

I remember that in the past few years, the phrase “the inner chain is king and the outer chain is the emperor” is popular in the industry. Although the search engine algorithm has been constantly updated. The group external chain method has failed to improve the keyword ranking. But the outer chain mentioned in this article, In fact, it is different from the previous chain of operations.

5 Ways To Improve Keyword Ranking, Improve Keyword Ranking


For example, compare:

  •  A few years ago, the method of sending out the chain: only need to publish a large number of external links in the external chain publishing platform (forums, blogs, etc.) to increase the weight of the webpage in a short period of time, and thus get the ranking.


  • The method described in the text: exchange the link of a certain type of website with the same type of website.  For example, I want to do the word “car alarm principle”, then I first find a peer website. First, communicate well, tell them, I can Take the 100 pages of the website to point to the page. They need to improve their rankings and help them improve the ranking of a word. Similarly, they also need to find 100 pages. Add the link of the page to listed and bring it on the page. big ball. As shown in the figure, add keywords and links somewhere on the page.

4. Improve the quality of the main page of the website

5 Ways To Improve Keyword Ranking, Improve Keyword Ranking

The main thing for improve keyword ranking is that you need to improve the quality of the main page of the website. Don’t attempt to trick a robot. Try to assist individuals to discover the data they want. Look for ways to make your homepage great. Add detail. Further examples. Add links for other great pages, graphics. Add a video. Don’t simply add keywords. If your website is simple to use and provides precious data, you will receive more visitors who will remain on your site for longer and visit more websites, which will enhance your rank in search.

5.  Increase the relevance of the website page

5 Ways To Improve Keyword Ranking, Improve Keyword Ranking

The principle of this part of the content is actually similar to the principle of the fourth part. The principle is actually: increase the relevant modules of the website page, improve the relevance of the page. And thus provide keyword ranking. Not just make it easier to read and comprehend your content for individuals and search engines. but the correlation between Google’s search rank and the use of header tags in the body of your material is very powerful. Header tags are also an excellent way of showing the content structure and emphasizing your key aspects.





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