Bulk E-mail

Bulk E-mail


Bulk E-mail is a mail sent to certain set of people. These mails are used to promote products or brands. Main aim of Bulk E-mail is to promote some brands or to make an interaction with users or clients.

But why does this is trending in marketing strategies?

Bulk E-mail is an effective way by which a company reaches to its customer by email services. It provide them good and specific information related to the brand product and services. Thus today every business wants to reach target audience by less effort and low budget. Therefore mailcot services provide best in class services to their clients.


What makes bulk email services more effective?


  • Personalized email

Design your email different for the different people, so it can affect more than ordinary email personalized email help to connect with every individual customer which lead to improve communication between business and customers.

  • Targeted audience

Every other business wants to reaches their target audience. So, bulk email services one of the services which help a business to reach the targeted audience by different services like promotional email and newsletter.

  • Campaign monitoring

Campaign monitoring is a global technology that provides an email marketing platform which is easy to use yet powerful. Monitoring and analyzing market campaign gives us the chance to dig in and see the actual performance. In event when the level of success are low then we need figure out the problem at that point we decide to reinvest in improving the campaign on to quit it focus on a new event.

  • Highest ROI

ROI, in other words Return on investment of a email help to measure the performance of a email how it perform and how it’s able to connect with customer at what cost and what result its give to a business by its services.

  • No geographic boundaries

Email services enable a business to go and connect with the people worldwide which lead to generate large sales for the business product and services across the boundaries.


Types of Bulk E-mail :-


  • Promotional E-mails : 

Bulk email services use promotional email to promote product by providing offer and discount to customers build awareness of the brand. Also this type of email use to attract new customers.

  •  E-mail newsletter :

Email  news letter use to communicate between business and customer related to the change and update in product and services. In addition these mails provides time to time information to customer for a good connection and awareness.

  • Acquisition E-mails :

This type of emails are sent to acquire new customers.Thus these mails are used to share special offers to convince potential customer to make purchase.

  • Retention E-mails :

This type of mails are send to existing clients to keep purchasing from your store. Thus these mails help to remind the existing customers.

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