What is Email Alias and Importance of email alias?

What is an Email Alias?

An email alias is a set of additional email accounts all connected to a main or primary email account. Email alias’ is an email account with which a user can send, receive and forward mail without compromising the privacy of their original email ID. Email alias is also known as nick email address or nickname email address.


Example of Email Alias:-

Let’s say an organization’s employee by the name of Rashmi Punjabi who needs different email addresses and thus her IT team gives her the following email address:

Punjabi.rashmi@organisation.com- her main email address

rashmi@organisation.com- for customer interaction as the following email addresses are easy to remember.

Rashmi.marketing@organisation.com: since she is part of the marketing divisions well she needs a separate email address for that division.

Email Alias can be made for temporary purposes and can be deleted after the purpose is fulfilled.

Why use Email Aliases in our business?

An email alias can be used for the following purposes:


Email aliases can be used for temporary purposes and can be deleted after the purpose is fulfilled, without hampering your main email address.

Ex. You have a big event coming up, and you are an organizer for that event, you can use an email alias to set up that new email, from which further communication for the event will be made, and then can delete the email address after the event is over.


Even though it is a work profile, an employee should always be careful to give their main world profile to people, otherwise, your inbox will be full of spam and emails which are not concerned with you. This will eventually result in you overlooking the emails which are important.


If your different types of email alias for the different field that inform all in one, then send your mail in one address automatically forward to all account that is added as a forwarding address. All forwards need to be verified and check that they correct. In that receiver cannot see another account mail forward.it is more private and secure.


Certain times an employee may use an email that has their designation rather than their name as it is easier for the person they are communicating with to understand their place in the organization. This also helps in case a person changes job position, as one can delete the previous ID and give them a new one.


Your business has used online marketing this case your camping, social site, do on the platform to individual email requires that have used email alias.


Step 1: Log in as administrator in your Zoho mail account and access the Zoho mail control panel.

Step 2: go to the users sect and select the employee for whom you want to create an alias.

Step 3: go to mail setting and select the email alias option on the left menu.

Step 4: enter the desired email name and select the domain from the drop down menu.

Step 5: Click the + icon to add the email alias.


Follow the five given step to create an email alias.