What is the Importance of Blogging for SEO?

Today if we need an answer to any question what we do? We all know the answer we just do Google Search. More than half of the population in the world uses this Search Engine. So thus we could say that Google is widely use search engine in the world.

No matter what kind of business you have but it should appear in search engine result pages which is difficult. So here’s why blogging is important for your website so that people could able to find your business in Search Engine Result Pages.

Does Blogging for SEO Really Helpful?

Do you think that blogging really help SEO? Than Definitely my answer would be Yes, it surely does. But having a blog is not enough. You need to write blog which is relevant to your audience they want So that it should appear in search engine result pages.

There are some reason that serves has the importance of Blogging for SEO

Reasons For Blogging for SEO

Here there are some reasons for optimizing a blog for SEO.

1. Blogging Keeps you website Active and fresh

By writing a Blogs for SEO it keeps your website fresh and active. Most of the we had seen till date hasn’t been updated for so many years. So we all came across that people would think that the website is shut or the business is just vanished off.

Google do not want to deliver the outdated content for their searchers. By doing Blogging we can signal that the website is alive by updating a websites on the regular basis. Doing Blogging for SEO gives search engine a reason to index your website to keep it on their radar over time. Updating a home page Regularly for your website is not great full so update a blog for your website keeps your website updated.

2. A blog keeps people on your Website Longer

Writing a blogs for your website keeps it updated. But Apart form this Blog should be relevant to the content that people would be searching. And the topic should relevant keywords so that it would easier for users to find your website. And when the user lands on your blog page than make sure that your content must be helpful so that they would be able to engage with your page for a longer duration of time. So that it would decrease the bounce rate of the page as it will help improve the rank of your website.

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3. Blogging Increases Quantity of Keywords

When we write blogs for our website than we would write the sub headings for our website than this would creates opportunity to create quantity of keyword. So while doing Blogging for SEO you should be able to put the keyword according to your content you have write in Heading and Sub-heading.

4. Blogging helps you target Long Tail Keywords

From writing the blog you will get the opportunity to target the Long Tail Keywords. As you write the content for your blog so it gives various detail about your content from the heading or Subheading. For example in your blog you have mention about the importance of email marketing and also you mention some of the benefits in business than in that you can target the keywords like “Importance of Email Marketing” and “Benefits of Email Marketing in business” that is how you can use Long Tail Keywords. Also people usually search for detailed topic so they use Long Tail Keyword to find the detailed content.

5. Backlinking

When we do Blogging for SEO internal links matter but it hard to earn the external links for our website. We write a blog to fill the pages of the website with valuable information. And when other sites provide valuable to reader than they might point to your site if your website blog provide the valuable information. As per the Hubspot researches said that the company that have a blog on their website earns 97% inbound links.

6. Blogs help you to connect with your Audiences

It is not the matter of creating back links for your website by doing Question and Answering, Social Bookmarking or Blog Commenting. But the thing is that when the user click on the link you have provided on Social Platform sites or any other website and when they read the post. And if they like they like your blog than they will share which would bring the traffic to your website.