Best SEO traffic hacks: What You Need For Blog SEO

This post is about Best SEO traffic hacks that have the power to improve your search engine rankings while not asking you to go to extremes with the hours you put into them. This post is not about the basics of blog SEO, but I will quickly run through some basics of blog SEO in the following paragraph

some basic tools and ideas you need to employ for doing SEO for your blog. These are some Best SEO traffic hacks – these are mandatory prerequisites.

Here Are Some Tips For Best SEO Traffic Hacks And What You Need For Blog SEO

You need an SEO plugin for WordPress – Yoast

If you want to do any SEO for your blog, then you need a plugin to help with it. The Yoest SEO plugin helps you to set up your blog in a way that likes search engines like Google. It also gives you recommendations on how to customize each post. You must enter a keyword and Yoest will tell you how to optimize your post for that keyword. Follow these guidelines until the traffic light indicator shows green. “Yoast SEO Plugins helps a lot to customize your posts”

You need to do keyword researcher

Yoast can only help as much as there are searches on the keyword you put into it. That is where keyword research comes in. And Google provides you with a very helpful tool for keyword research such as Keyword Planner.

To make use of this tool you need to have a Google Adwords account, this tool gives you a very good idea on how much traffic is on a specific search term, and even how big the competition probably remembers that you get better results if you set the tool to exact match.

SEO Based on the link and not just on keywords

You need to understand that SEO is based on links not just keywords. The dominant ranking factor for search engines like Google is not keywords – it is linked. Google determines the value of your site and therefore how high up it is on its results pages by constantly looking at how many (good quality) links your site receives.

That doesn’t mean you simply need to get as many spammy links as you can and you are done – Google is after dynamic link profiles that grow organically. But nevertheless, you need to build your links in the long run. No, this isn’t covered in the basic tools for SEO above – because no link building strategy is really basic. But there are hacks that can help. The Difference Between Content Marketing, SEO, And Social Media Marketing here – with more details on SEO and how it works.

Track your results by using google analytics

If you don’t have Google Analytics on your blog, do it now! Also, set up your Google Search Console Account and connect it to Google Analytics.

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