Why inbound professional focus on high-performing email?

Inbound-Professional focus on high-performing email

Sending emails, checking who you’ve received emails from, and saving emails you haven’t sent yet in the Drafts folder have become an important part of your daily routine as like getting up every morning and going to work.

Email proves time and again that it will continue to play a vital role in both professional and personal life. However, over the next 5 years, email will not only be seen as a high ROI channel in itself, but it will also become a platform that integrates easily with other channels and makes them more successful.

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It consistently generates anywhere from $40 to $45 worth of returns, when you spend a dollar on email.  It also found that three-quarters of companies believed that email delivers an “excellent” to “good” ROI. ROI is not generated by simply pressing the send button.

As an email professional, you know that your recipients need to show and see value in emails. Your email should benefit both the recipient and the business. This is where high-performing emails are welcomed.  As inbound professional, high-performing emails require you to focus on the content to send, segment the contact list you need to send it to, and decide the time to send.

With strategy and mindset, you can start your draft and send high-performing emails. The high-performing email will drive more engagement with your contacts.

You’ll set the right goals and then analyze each part of your email to drive conversions toward the goals.


High-performing emails takes a essential parts of email and focuses on making sure they're optimized to drive your contacts toward your specific goals
High-performing email goals

When all your emails are focused on the core parts, you will achieve higher ROI for your business. Your email will be a vehicle of engagement and growth for both your contacts and your business.

Your interactions with your contacts will guide them through the steps of the inbound methodology. Ideally, it will motivate them to become happy and long-lasting customers.

High-performing email means different things to all the different types of people.

What does a High-performing email look like?

How do you know if you’ve included or optimized the right features? We need to be on the same page to use email as a vehicle for growth.

Let’s do a quick exercise together.

Find pen, paper and create email templates.

Most likely, it will look something like this. Now, take the next few moments to discover the features that high-performing email means to you and incorporate them into your email.

These can be images to use or not to use, where the CTA is or even the subject line you use. This exercise is designed to awaken your creative mind and think about how you create high-performing email right now.

High performing email template
High performing email template

You now have an outline of what your high-performing email will look like for you and your business.

For all high-performing emails you need to set a goal and understanding of what you’re trying to achieve that goal.

I then outlined the section of the email I’ll need to complete/

  1. To and from name
  2. Subject line
  3. Email message
  4. Adding footer and image

Each of these points comes together to create a high-performing email. The goal of why you’re sending it and then carefully designing the components layered on top of each other. Taking any essential part of the email and optimizing each piece to help drive conversion towards your set goals.