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MailCot is #1 Best Email Marketing Agency. Mailcot established in the year 2012 with the aim of providing a professional Best Email Marketing Agency in India. Since then, the Agency has developed into an established and well-known Best Email Marketing Agency in 7 years with customers around the world. Some major countries where we currently offer our email marketing services are North America (USA), Australia, UK, Singapore, Canada, United Arab Emirates, and India

Built on passion and ingenuity

Unlike mega-players in the Email Marketing industry, the Mailcot team will base solution recommendations on what you need, not the technology we’re trying to sell. Collaboration is a keystone of our delivery approach. We align with clients, turning engagements into long-term partnerships.

MailCot applies proprietary methodologies and accelerators to increase the speed of projects and improve return on investment. These approaches can also reduce risk and increase functionality according to each client’s needs.

Compared to small niche Agencies, MailCot has a far greater scale, geographic reach and more access to exceptional expertise.

And, MailCot Best Email Marketing Agency provides better communication than pure-play offshore providers because we speak your local language. As a client, you have unmatched access to our consultants. It’s open, secure, mobile and will adapt to your specific business needs. In fact, we often provide on-site account management and always have resources for you nearby.

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Why Mailcot???

Mailcot offer fully Email Marketing Solutions

Yes, we are proud to say this, we have the Innovative World’s Best Email Marketing Agency for any Bulk Email Marketing Services. Do you need dedicated consulting on Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Mobile Marketing, SMTP Server and the most important 24/7 dedicated support post business development and digital branding? Our Email Marketing Agency work round the clock to ensure committed and friendly business relations with our customers.

How MailCot World’s Best Email Marketing Agency can help in promoting your business

Based on your business niche, our project manager will assign to your campaign manager for the project. Experts will filter the database considering the needs of your business, competitors, and campaign. Apart from this, we find out the real intentions of running the project. We shoot your campaign in a customized database with great care while analyzing your need, whether you are looking for traffic in the market, creating a reputation online or selling products.

24*7 Help

Feel free to call us on 09636 2333 37 /6 and ask about the email marketing plan. Our executive target will ask for details such as audience, product or service benefits and features, design details and goals behind email marketing campaign. From your end, these details will help project managers draft successful mailing campaigns.

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