Working of E-mail Marketing and Challenges


Email Marketing is one of the trending words in SEO !!!

Email Marketing is a process through which one can reach n number of people through the Internet. It is an effective and fast way to reach to a certain set of people for business/brand promotions. It helps to increase the growth of the business through online networks. Email Marketing is much better than traditional marketing in many ways. It has a higher reach in less time as compared to traditional marketing. One can also monitor the rate of traffic which is coming through the Email Marketing Campaign.

Email Marketing


Working Of E-Mail Marketing :


E-Mail Marketing is done with the help of software which used to send bulk mail to a set of people. These mails may be of transactional purpose, promotional invitations, e-receipts, invitations, newsletters, etc. There are many mass mailing software companies available which provide mass mailing services, they are responsible for your bulk mailing service to your mailing list. These emails are delivered to your mailing list whenever a trigger occurs or you want to send mails. This helps you to connect to your customers 24/7.

Benefits of using E-Mail Services:


  • Increases Brand Awareness: It really gives a high impact on the awareness of the brand with the help of mass email to a set of people.


  • More Cost-Effective: Email marketing is very cost-effective as compared to traditional marketing. Because we require less manpower and we can also monitor our campaign.


  • Measuring ROI: We can also monitor ROI easily with Email Marketing. We can monitor our campaign that how many people open emails, How much of them visited the given link, What is the amount of traffic which we get from emails. Email offers a high amount of Return On Investment as compare to any other social media marketing strategy if apply with good strategy.


  • Fast and Flexible: Email Marketing is comparatively fast and flexible as compared to traditional marketing. In just one click you can send mails to many people and also can monitor your campaign.

Common challenges of Email Marketing :


Email marketing is great, but no marketing strategy is without its flaws. Let’s look to few challenges:-


  • Improving Email Deliverability: This challenge can be tough, we need to be constantly acquiring and updating accurate information for available contacts. Deliverability rates are determined by the ratio of emails we sent versus a number of emails that actually make to the inbox of the intended recipient.


  • Retaining Subscribers:  Marketers which have trouble in adding and retaining subscribers sometimes turn to buy email lists in hope that they will convert potential customers by sending unsolicited messages to people who have no interest or affiliation with company or product.


  • Mobile-Friendly Emails: Nowadays, majority of consumers check email from the smartphones or tablets meaning business needs to strongly emphasize mobile-friendly emails.


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