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Generating Leads
Our Email Marketing Services

The Business industry has taken a huge leap with the advent of technology in the past few years.
Mailcot Email Marketing Solutions is playing a very important role. For many enterprises industry, Mailcot serves as the lead generator tool and here small and large business enterprises have an opportunity to improve their brand reputation. Businesses increasing on a very instant level so here Mailcot Mass Mailing Services is the more preferable method for business leads. Every business wants to be on top, So they are competing with each other, So Mailcot Well designed Email templates (either it is transactional or Marketing Email) use helps to generate sales and attract customers. So Maicot Email Marketing Solutions is the best option for a business product or service promotion and to generate more and more revenue by selling these products and services.

Drag and Drop editor

Send 5000 emails free

  • Create a responsive email without HTML knowledge by moving the necessary blocks into the template
  • Send the right message to the right recipient.
  • Thanks to the platform’s advanced features, you can divide up your database and automatically send differentiated content
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Email Design Features

  • Email Personalization
  • Easy, Automatic Unsubscribes
  • Dynamic Content Blocks
  • Send Now or Later
  • Pause & Resume Sending

Email Marketing Services

Statistics & Reporting

  • Email Open Reporting
  • Link Click Tracking
  • Email Bounce Tracking
  • Unsubscribe Reporting

Transactional SMTP

Email Marketing Services

Transactional SMTP Solution 

  • You probably have an application that sends out either marketing or transactional Email and you will be searching for a host to relay these messages in bulk.
  • You can Track report of all email sent, opened, Dropped.
  • Connect our system with your CRM with SMTP API to relay your emails
Mass Mailing, Email Marketing

Marketing automation you can measure

Use Goals to Optimize Your Marketing Processes

Your marketing workflows accomplish specific results like page views, webinar sign-ups, opt-ins, and purchases. With automation Goals, you are able to specify what action you want contacts to take.

Create Multi-Dimensional Goals

You can create very specific goals by combining conditions. For instance, a Goal could be a visit to your pricing page, clicking a call to action link in a particular campaign, and being located in a specific country or city.

Mass Mailing, Email Marketing

Best-In-Class Email Marketing Solutions

MailCot As a leading Email Marketing Services Provider in India with unmatched expertise in marketing technology, insights, and services, MailCot Email HostingMass Mailing enables the world’s best brands to use data-driven insights to create relevant conversations in real-time.


 Email Marketing

This definitely applies to your business. So many
businesses (likely your competitors) do not use
Email Marketing responsibly. You should
constantly blast them with your latest blog posts
or sales pitches. It is such a powerful channel.
Let’s take a look at why Email Marketing is so
important for your business.

For Email Marketing

Marketing Automation

Treat each customer uniquely with targeted
emails triggered by their behavior.
Marketing Automation Platform
allows you to send what your customers want
to hear and when they choose to hear it

For Marketing Automation

Transactional Email

You probably have an application that sends
out either marketing or transactional messages
and is searching for a host to relay these
messages in bulk. would like to find a single provider to
handle your deliveries.
Let’s take a look Our Transactional SMTP Services
and Servers

For Transactional SMTP

Lead Nurturing

Our Lead Nurturing Platform helps
you attract buyers and nurture them with
personalized campaigns, so sales can step
in when they are engaged and ready. Let’s
take a look Our Lead Nurturing Platform

For Lead Management


We Proudly Serve in India | USA | UK | Australia | Singapore

MailCot is considered the most reliable Email Marketing Solutions Provider Company all over the World

List Cleansing

We will refine your existing email
database and ensure that your list
is very clean and ready
to receive delivery points.

Email Copywriting

Our email copywriting service
will enable you to produce large
returns from the marketing
channel with the highest ROI.

Email Design

To create responsive email ads, we code
your email in HTML and CSS, which uses
media queries to help achieve the best
formatting in all devices of all sizes.

Fully Managed
Email Marketing

Our fully managed
email marketing service includes
the creation of two email campaigns
per month, all of which are professionally
designed and written for you
based on the needs.

Campaign Production

We focus on helping you maximize
your business’s performance with
interactive, targeted, trigger

Email Marketing

Our email marketing specialists
will help you save time, money
and heartache, increase your sales
and generate more leads.

All delivery channels on one platform

Improve conversion rates by combining services
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Improve Engagement and communicate timely with our Mass Mailing & Email Hosting

Automate communication, Email marketing, bring operations online and handle a large volume of Mails inflow with artificial intelligence-layered Mailcot Mass Mailing Platform
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is MailCot?

MailCot is an Email Marketing Services and Email Hosting Provider Company was established in the year 2012 with the aim of providing a professional Email Hosting solutions in Jaipur (Rajasthan) India. Since then, the company has developed into an established and well-known Email Marketing agency in 7 years with customers around the world. Some major countries where we currently offer our Email Hosting and Email Marketing Services are North America (USA), Australia, UK, Singapore, Canada, United Arab Emirates, and India.

Q.2 Do you offer fully Email Marketing Solutions?

Yes, we are proud to say this, we have the Innovative World’s Best Email Marketing Software for any Bulk Email Marketing Services. Do you need dedicated consulting on Email HostingEmail Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Mobile Marketing, SMTP Server and the most important 24/7 dedicated support and Mass Mailing? Our Email Marketing Solutions work round the clock to ensure committed and friendly business relations with our customers.

Q.3 Why Choosing The Best Email Marketing Solutions is Important?

  1. Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools for small businesses. According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing on average sees a 4300 percent return on investment (ROI) for businesses in the United States.
  2. This is because email marketing is easy to manage, gives you complete control, and allows you to establish a direct connection with your customers.
  3. It is important to understand that many of your success with email marketing depends solely on Email Marketing Solutions you choose because they are responsible for ensuring that your emails are actually distributed.
  4. If you are not careful, you will pay a lot of money for fewer amenities and terrible delivery (which will cause you to lose even more money).
  5. A good Email Marketing Solution enables you to create highly attractive emails. It also allows you to manage your contacts, split users into groups, and track the performance of your email campaigns.
  6. Most importantly, a good Email Marketing Solutions Provider ensures that your emails are not expired in the spam folder.

Q.4 Will Your Message Go To Spam?

  1. Mailcot Mass Mailing Solutions do an excellent job of getting your emails in your subscriber’s inboxes.
  2. We do this by setting universal standards for all their clients, which will include your business.
  3. Some services are looser than Mailcot, which might be reflective of the size of their brand (the more Google knows and trust the service, they are going to inbox more messages).
  4. When you choose to go with Free Mass Mailing software to save money, you risk your messages never seeing the light of day.
  5. Mass Mailing Solutions can make or break a small business.
  6. Choosing the right service is essential for creating more revenue and growing a brand. Email marketing Solutions works. It has one of the highest ROIs of any online marketing tactic.

Q.5 What is your pricing and payment to start with?

Email Marketing is an optimized service; Therefore, there can not be a single milestone for all businesses. This depends primarily on professional niche, because we adapt solutions accordingly. Real Estate Clients may be required, while for e-commerce this reputation or viral traffic can be created. Therefore, the price changes

Q.6 What is your view on Email Marketing?

We have developed a customer-centric approach after careful research to ensure a successful email marketing campaign for performance-driven results: –

  1. You Trust On Us For Email Marketing Campaign
  2. Customizing the mailer design on basis of the client feedback, business niche, and competitor
  3. Testing it for spams on the valid mail accounts
  4. Filter the database depending on the analysis
  5. Offer you a platform to check Google Analytics Reports to see whether the reports are genuine

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