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Best Email Marketing Service Provider in India

Credible Bulk Email Service

Mailcot provide a reliable bulk email marketing service to business of India and across the world such as US, UK, Australia, Europe, Africa and many more.

Affordable Bulk Email Plan

We don’t charge everyone the same, the price plan varies whether you have a small email list or a large volume email list. Check Pricing!

Reliable SMTP Server

Provides a reliable SMTP server service to send bulk emails without the hassle of mass lists. Support is not required to handle your own SMTP server.

Services We offers for Bulk Email Marketing Services

Email Infrastructure

Email infrastructure fit your exact business needs. Higher security concern always keep your data secure and confidential. You have strictly control over your data. 100% email reaches in inbox.

Email Delivery

Sending email to correct destination exactly in receiver’s mail server. Email delivery includes deliverability, authentication, sender reputation, tracking and lot more. Mail server receives “250 ok” SMTP response each time at the end of SMTP authentication.

SMTP Relay

Cloud-based SMTP service send transactional email and email marketing campaign and make process hassle free and easy. No need to support your own SMTP server to send bulk email.

Email Automation

Powerful email automation send time or action triggered emails to subscribers with relevant information. Send workflow that help to nurture new lead, birthday greetings that give emotional touch, or send important information to prospective customer and followers.

Transactional Emails

We do offer transactional email service with email authentication and fully featured email relay.

Email Analytics

We do provide email Analytics solution to check the email campaign performance reports in real time.

Campaign Manager

We do provider dedicated campaign manager which can run your email campaign with his experience.

Lead Nurturing

Our platform have sales funnel which can help you to covert your leads into customers.

Trusted Business

Mailcot takes pride in its service, that our Email Automation Services, Email Marketing Services and Email Bulk Services serve 14500+ clients including top brands in India. We are making a better impact on our customers’ success journey. Look forward to better delivery in the future.

Our email delivery service is the most capable of delivering superior email delivery. Our progressive email marketing strategy provides the best bulk email service in India and makes us a leader in email marketing service. You are seeing that top brand companies of India are preferring to take reliable email marketing service from us.

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